Bishop Germanos of Patras blessing the flag of the Greek revolutionaries at the Monastery of Agia Lavra, part of a popular legend regarding the beginning of the revolution of 1821, though it by no means truly occurred. This design, from the 14th century through the Palaiologan dynasty, is the only attested flag of the Byzantine Empire. The poem “Hymn to Freedom” consists of 158 4-line verses of which the primary 24 have been established as the National Anthem in 1865. The first two of them are the ones often performed and accompany the raising and the decreasing of the flag. During the taking part in of the nationwide anthem one stands to attention. The simple but powerful image was adopted as Greece’s official flag on the First National Assembly of Epidaurus, where Greek revolutionaries met for the first time in January of 1821.

Traditionally, however, the design featured a blue cross on a plain white subject. In reality, this design was more in style than the reverse, which became the nation’s first flag. The country’s first official flag to fly over Greek land, not sea, was a stark white cross over a deep blue background. The first iteration of this iconic flag featured a coat of arms and crown from Bavaria, the homeland of Greece’s first king, Otto, in the middle of the cross.

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The shade of blue on the prototypes was, in all probability, very darkish hence the very dark shade of flags made in . A lighter shade of blue is used nowadays however still not as gentle as United Nations blue. The striped flag has been in use since1822, and was permitted in1832. The nine stripes are stated to face for the nine syllables of the Greek patriots’ motto, Ελευθερια η Θανατος , now the national motto of Greece.

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Law 851/ On the national Flag, War Flags and the Distinguishing Flag of the President of the Republic, Gazette concern A-233/1978. The president’s flag is presently prescribed by Presidential Decree 274/1979. When displayed vertically, the canton should be on the left side of the flag from the perspective of the spectator. The flag may be displayed by civilians on days specified by the ministry of inner affairs, in addition to in sporting events and other events of the sort.

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The mild blue stripes served as one other nod to the king’s Bavarian background, as the color was used broadly throughout that area. Others have posited that the nine stripes stand for the nine muses, from the nation’s ancient historical past; however, this declare is disputed. The Greek flag, much like Greece itself, has remodeled substantially all through the country’s long historical past. The vertical flag is the horizontal model reversed and turned ninety levels anti-clockwise – the cross at top left.

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